Friday, August 28, 2009

Bubbly Bride: The Final Wedding Dress Fitting

Bubbly Bride: The Final Wedding Dress Fitting

You have already been into the boutique 2-3 times to measure and shorten and take in the dress so it fits you perfectly for this final moment! You spent the morning pampering yourself by having your hair designed and your makeup artistically applied. You are ready now for your final fitting.

Your bridesmaids, mother, extended family and flower girls are surrounding you, helping you get into your gown, or maybe it is just your maid of honor sharing this special moment. A big question for brides is do you want your photographer capturing this moment, or do you want to spend the first moment in your dress in peace and quiet. I think both options make sense and vary based on your personality!

If you tend to be more conservative and aren't comfortable changing into your dress with your photographer in the room, but you still want these moments captured—take the time to change mostly into your dress and then invite your photographer back in. Have them take pictures of your maid of honor zipping or tying your dress up and putting on your finishing touches. Sometimes photographers will come in pairs, one woman and one man. Having a woman in the room with you might make you feel more comfortable and in turn get exciting real-life shots.

If you aren't shy, and you know you want pictures of every stage of the day, invite your photographer in and let them get creative with the angles and will not be sorry! There is so much excitement when you are putting your dress on for the final time and your hair and make up is done. The last year of planning all of a sudden comes together and it is finally 'real'. You know you are truly getting married today!

Whether you have pictures to remember this moment or not, I guarantee it will forever be engraved in your memory. I hope every bride is able to look at themselves after they put their wedding dress on and know that all of the hard work & planning has finally paid off—and you are able to walk up to your future husband with the utmost confidence and excitement!

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